Xebia is the right place for people who love programming. At Xebia you will be able to take your software design skills to a new high, get praise from your peers and customers, and contribute to the software community. Every Xebian is a committed professional who works towards advancement of software discipline by constantly improving the work practices.

Xebia offers learning and supportive culture in which experienced, knowledgeable people find their peers, and so are able to strengthen each other and to facilitate mutual personal growth. We actively stimulate and foster the transfer of know-how and skills within Xebia. We believe that high-quality people deliver high-quality services, producing satisfied customers and a healthy, growing client base. Our organizational development allows room for personal growth, resulting in individual career paths and giving each of our people the opportunity to explore their own potential.

At Xebia we offer you innovative and stimulating working environment which is unique in software services industry:


Xebia is driven by the energy and passions of individuals who proudly call themselves Xebians. Every year Xebia incubates new ideas related to technology, tools and work practices. Some of the successful ideas become a commercial service offering of Xebia. 


At Xebia you will be in the company of bright individuals who will stretch your thinking to new heights. Technically excellent and creative people make a positive influence on new Xebians who eventually become mainstream top performers by learning and getting inspired from them. 


If you want to improve the software engineering and design skills and contribute at company or community level, then Xebia provides a perfect ecosystem to do so. We have deep knowledge of Agile methodologies. We are constantly on look out for new better ways to develop software so that the code is of the highest quality. Do you have some fresh ideas or insights in this fields then you have a good reason to consider Xebia.

Balanced Working Atmosphere

Xebia respects the personal life of its employees. Xebians are actively discouraged to spend long working hours in office to work on projects. We encourage sustainable working patterns that enable our people to do quality work, develop themselves as a better professional and have healthy life. Unlike other companies, we do not see a conflict between achieving our business objectives and Xebians having sufficient leisure time.

About Xebia

True knowledge workers find Xebia an inspiring place to work where they are challenged by peers. Customers typically choose Xebia for its innovative solutions, technological depth, craftsmanship and quality & productivity.

Our breakthrough thinking facilitates our customers gain profitable growth, market leadership and sustainability.

Connect with Us

Email : infoindia@xebia.com
Contacts :
For General Queries : +91 (0124) 4700 200
For Sales: +91-882-619-4414

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